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blue turns to silver and searing heat yields to ice winds are changing now and where to light the hearth fires now that the nest blew away

After one month

So, it’s been a month today since I released my debut EP, Blood. [Obligatory plug: go get Blood on iTunes if you haven’t already.] I’m already working on the next EP, which I hope to have out around the end of October. I’ll get the usual housekeeping stuff done here: There’s a new page on […]

King of the Forest

One day Ishtar sat on the edge of the forest, enjoying the sun on her back and the wildflowers in bloom as she worked on some small project. A small prey animal of the forest came up to her and boldly declared that he was the king of the whole land and bade her welcome. […]


old cage grown over plea to respect what’s long gone don’t feed the monsters let their ghosts rest in pieces haunting dark corners in dreams

The Universe and Synthesis

Every so often when I’m out of ideas on a give situation I’ll do something “traditional” like draw tarot. Not that I believe the cards themselves necessarily hold the answers [though sometimes it’s downright spooky how close they come] but I figure my gut reaction to them and their interpretation can be illuminating. Tonight was […]


bright eyed frog lands west old wound awakened in flight the new pond listens as he sings, seeks a new mate amplexis in new cities


Kicked along the ground under spotlights, mistaken identity eventually reveals itself as a hoax. A smile and everything is alright. In the shadows, this will be noted as a tale to be repeated to a fool who knew the real thing when the witness didn’t know what else to say when confronted with an awkward […]


fishnets and black stars stretched out above leather gloss suede kicked off below jade eyes steal peeks unchallenged directed indirectly

The Goddess and the Hermit

Venus comes down from the mountain like lava flowing to the sea. The hermit has wished for this for half a century yet, on the verge of completion, he runs to his cave to avoid her. Little does he realize Venus is an avid huntress, in addition to her other hobbies.

Liner notes for Blood

Well, I had promised I would post my liner notes for Blood, so here they are: LINER NOTES FOR BLOOD: Maqlu is Pyra Draculea. All songs written, composed, programmed and performed by Pyra Draculea. Copyright 2009 – 2010. Recorded at Maqlu Central. Additional recording and editing at the Nimbus School of Recording Arts. Mixed in […]