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63010: Missive #6

A note was left: Graphite cannot be trusted in this endeavor. It may mark but it flakes and slides too readily and cannot bond, preferring to be left to itself. Seek amorphous carbon sources instead. Never mind the blue vitrol, bind straight to brimstone instead.


new hot blood burns black carbon not yet resigned to graphite’s cowardice crawls to me in his visions still willing to take chances

The Trail by the Marsh

I sit in silence, listening to the birds complain at each other. After a few moments, I notice they’ve emerged a little bit into the stillness as I write. Only the roar of passing cars announces a forceful human presence. The red shouldered blackbird male comes bolting out towards me and almost makes me jump. […]

62310: Missive #5

On the longest day the shadow self was battered and bruised by his own hand and the good twin stays silent one thousand and eighty miles below. It is quiet, too quiet, but this can only mean something is brewing and blackening. Everything is as it must be. For now.


a week in the ice warm welcome stings like pinpricks flesh coming alive a dread of this arrival for the return salts the wound

On the River

Driving the backroads around the Fraser River. The river shaped this place and made it what it is, breaking it down and rearranging it. Masses of cut logs bob in the water, along with abandoned wooden tug boats letting nature take its course to break them down. Small houses cling to the narrow space between […]

61610: Missive #4

An index card found in a mailbox. This was typed on the unlined side: Nine miles as the black crow flies divides the black heart from the bitter one. Consider your sources – gold can be trusted when graphite refuses to make a mark. Filter the squares carefully as you proceed through the blackening phase. […]


shocking teal water unreal and confined new world lone male plays alone displays his agility displaced from a long last home


New moon tonight. A good time to reflect on processes set into motion of late. Dark little stories will cast no natural shadows tonight. Alchemical work is well underway now. Old attachments are torched – roll the bones and either new bonds will emerge stronger than ever from the fire-forging or pyrolysis will ensue and […]

6910: Missive #3

Margin notes in an old manuscript: Ohms fade a vivid decibel. Salt has an analgesic effect; however, care must be taken to avoid halting the critical first stage. It must be allowed to run its course. Heads and tails must be carefully matched or pyrolysis may be incurred. Wear a mask and expect poisons to […]


red splash outlines scars and beds of tidy beauty scars grow wild at will but beauty keeps in bounds well and dies in quiet passing

Lord of the Flies

The fly comes and sits first on the book on the little table beside me. He wanders around and seems to be observing me. Tentatively he hops over onto the edge of the laptop, paces up and down over the various spaces on the laptop and all over the screen. He is watching me to […]

6210: Missive #2

A prophet concurred with the Oracle. His disembodied voice was found on a crinkled old reel to reel tape, dated just prior to the second First Quarter of the year: A unifying force must be found at all costs. Use any means necessary, machine or human. If human, leave the imprint of the maker. If […]

From Canada Place

Went to Canada Place today for my weekly brainstorming/mini-writing “retreat” because I was too tired for a trek to Stanley Park. A small sense of parallels – Canada Place is really just a convention centre but it makes itself out as somehow representing Canada and the culture, and here I was in my Skinny Puppy […]