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Euanator Radio show links

Today I popped into CJSF Radio up at Simon Fraser University to be the guest on Euanator Radio from noon to 1 pm. We chatted about the project, about remixing, etc. and I played a couple of tracks that I haven’t played elsewhere yet: “Move Through Me [Pulse Mix],” a remix I did of one […]


Grunts and pants, trying to be as quiet as possible. Small beads of sweat slide down his neck and tickle his back. No lights in the bathroom – doesn’t matter, his eyes are shut tight anyway. Props himself up against the wall, left arm crooked over his head, nose pressed into his elbow. He can […]


turtles line the logs long cold winter is long gone hot sun warms their shells simple itinerary with precious few appointments

The Remembered Forest

Vague recollections of the vast forest extending from a cousin’s backyard. Thick tree trunks lay dead and mossy on the ground, as high as my chest it seemed. Massive ferns among the cedars. We would run through it, climb, see what we could find and always hope to see some animal or other but we […]

72110: Missive #9

Sitting and waiting for the blackening to take its course. Venom leeches out to the surface to flake off the right side, reactivated from its dormant state through an unexpectedly severe shock. Hydrochloride salts will deactivate the source again. Thirteen carbons and all the rest. Sulphur plans vengeance and a permanent deterrent. Ohms’ duty: basest […]


blow up doll rotting melted face of distortion gaping mouth leers pink she thinks she is beautiful but she is warped and used up


Every so often the silverback comes through with a teeny little olive branch. Or at least an olive twig. The goddess’s gift to Athens has its family ties to my garden through the lilacs and forsythia. The trunks will be gnarled and twisted like a certain history, and the root system is vigorous and deep. […]


the future will be nanocast and earbudded let loose to roar live in clusters of loud thousands pent-up energy unleashed


In the South the wraith awakes with a start in the middle of the night. Sweat soaks his hair and slicks his back, belly and thighs. An otherworldly orange glow invades the room from the streetlight, forcing its way past his blinds. It almost gives the impression of a late summer sunset, but the little […]

7710: Missive #7

The Oracle spoke again: 1080 miles. The high definition distance. A straight line running north to south. Seven years from inception to the first contact between brimstone and antimony, the magnesium sparked. It remains to be seen how long it will be until the next contact, but signs point to less than nine years in […]


clearing brush off stones old foundations laid before building time has come and upon these shattered rocks I will build this future tribe

In the silverback's forest

The silverback’s aura touches most of the forest, from the western edge rising sharply over the beach to deep into the concrete fringes where the trees are only there for decoration and they grow only according to the whims of men. South to the wide mud flats of low tide and north to the rocky […]