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temple to temple shiver lightning arcs between record in ether another round come spring time then without insulation

Profile Pictures

There are two kinds of profile pictures: they either show what you are or what you want to be. Darling Mr. Hyde prefers the latter: the standard rock and roll scream pose. Well, it’s a fantasy he may well see fulfilled. I couldn’t help but notice, however, that in choosing this shot, he’s also let […]

Maqlu merch now available Well, my boss always says there’s nothing worse than a band without a merch site… no matter how early in their career… plus there have been steady inquiries, nay, demands, for physical CDs and other goodies, so I’m giving the people what they want. Limited numbers of physical CD-Rs of Blood […]


heat rises from deep subconscious drives destiny aqua blue eyes quench waves of cool soothing mercy as memory fans the flames

Dappled Shade

The wraith rises in the east. After his brief morning routine, he walks out into the sun. A rare day off on this working vacation. Enjoying the sights of ancient city streets and quaint storefronts, perfume tickles his nose and takes him back to the setting sun in the west. Jasmine, honeysuckle. No sign of […]

81810: Missive #13

Now as forever as always the same. So much wasted thought and obsessing over evasive signs he sent. Grow into each other. Each props up the other and pretends it’s what he dreamt. Would you crawl on your belly for me? Martyr, lay me down and show me I’m your church now. Pray for me. […]


territory left unguarded becomes my land shall I leave my mark? or can you sense my presence? in time you will surrender

A Recurring Dream

The journey takes forever it seems. Foreign territory and decrepit decaying storefront hovels that might have once been respectable… maybe not, maybe they always had the spirit of seediness, rot and neglect. Hunting grounds of the human butchers. Zombieland where others, impatient of the exterminator, simply let themselves go. Bit by bit it becomes more […]

Friday the 13th

Bleed to tape and scream yourself awake. I wrote that for another, but lately it’s occurred to me it was as much a directive to myself. Stop sleepwalking to the grave. Stand up, open your eyes, wipe the sleep snot from your eyelashes and look around. So much of the sound that surrounds us is […]

First chart entry

Just found out I scored my first chart entry: CFRC in Kingston, ON, has Blood at #30 on their Top 30 chart for the week ending August 3rd. CFRC chart on !earshot Not a bad start… I’ll keep you posted as I hear more developments.

College Radio Updates

A couple of weeks ago I sent out a few copies of my debut EP, Blood, to 20 college radio stations in Canada, today was time to follow up on the mailout. I haven’t heard back from half of the music directors yet [but, hey, it’s summer vacation time and I expect to hear more […]


in his fantasies his cortege is thousands strong hanging on each word if he opened his sealed eyes he’d see they’re already there


Flood where Capricorn meets Meager. A dam burst at 3am. Out with the old as it gets washed down the valley by the new. All caused by melting ice on a glacier. Hmmm… Sucks for the people there in the actual place, but I had to chuckle as the keywords thrown out at me this […]