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Crusade forever Accept neither quarter nor Question of motives Carry on til the decay Carry on no matter what

Saint Camilla

Saint Camilla the hermitess, following her martyr and lurking in the background. For decades she would keep her profile low and bide her time, patience being her primary virtue. In the end, she emerged triumphant. Saint Camilla, grant me the patience to conquer all that I desire.


The world hangs suspended for a day on the Equinox, stops spinning and simply pauses. Somehow at Lammas I knew my life would be totally different come the Equinox, even if paradoxically it’s mostly the same on the surface. Let’s see here: A certain finality in one relationship, not the end of the relationship but […]


stigmata blood trails price of mirror sanctity self-scourged to the brink martyr lays down satisfied righteous and chastized anew

Lady Death

Lady Death glides on the cobblestone roads. You could almost swear you heard the click of stilettos, but it’s more likely the bone ornaments tied into her matted black hair clinking against each other. Paints her face with burnt bone carbon straight from funeral pyres rather than kohl. Wrapped in funerary veils, layers of black […]


harvest golden hearts new blood for the old black art invoked influence unnecessary potions lust responds to subtler means

More chart news

So, I discovered this afternoon I had hit #21 on CJAM‘s Top 30 chart for this week. [CJAM is 91.5FM in Windsor, Ontario and I believe its signal reaches into Detroit as well.] Super stoked… and then I noticed they also do an electronic chart. I clicked on it to discover Blood is #1 on […]

Charting in Guelph

Just stumbled on another chart position for Blood on Canadian college radio – I see that for the week of August 31, 2010 my lil’ ol’ debut EP was #7 on CFRU Guelph‘s Electronic Top Ten chart! CFRU Electronic Top Ten for August 31, 2010 Love ya, Guelph!

Golden Eyes

His eyes are ablaze, his irises a bright clear yellow gold. Very unusual, striking colour, almost iridescent in some lights. As the ancients polished golden plates to a mirror sheen, his eyes tell me more about my own motivations than his. I see what I want to see. That said, his designs on me are […]


alabaster silk doll breathes, blinks into the light focusmade dream flesh I learned from the old master Pygmalion’s handiwork

The Pin Test

Long ago the orthodox rabbis had to pass a test whereby the examiner would stab the Torah book with a long pin and the applicant would have to recite in order every word the pin passed through front to back. A level of memorization that must have made sense once upon a time. But they […]

Hypocrites On Parade

Scene 1: She smugly turns from the TV news and a story about a detox center being built to go post on an online forum about how sick it makes her that her tax dollars go to those people. Let ’em die. Hops off her soapbox to settle in to watch “her shows” on the […]