Monthly Archives: October 2010

Trap Line

Her ancestors always went out into the winter forest to lay trap lines for the fur trade. Always a little closer to the cavemen than the civilized folk, she has no more objection to skins and pelts than she does to her near raw and bloody steak feasts, and wraps herself in her target’s totem […]


The witch had herself a long meditation on her position in the realm. She thought carefully of who her actual friends and allies had turned out to be. She thought carefully of who condemned and who supported these kindred spirits and who benefited from either action. She considered real power bases versus primate dominance games. […]

Reaching Through The Haze

Four AM. Something jolts him awake, flat to sitting straight up in a nanosecond. He could almost swear she was just there tracing a fingernail across his collarbones. Must have been a dream… Their song sticks in his head, aggravating and elusive as an itch between the shoulder blades. Tries to resettle himself, but every […]


Pick battles with care Forgiveness as strategy Concentrate forces For a true security Target bigger enemies


A thousand cuts they say… we’ve fought over this knife for two years; we must each have ten times that many yet we’re still alive. I suppose it would have to be a thousand cuts all at once, not leaving enough time for coagulation, scabbing and scarring because then the scar tissue simply builds up […]


Go sell yourself short and refuse a better deal Damaged goods ruined Veneer peeled back over rot Falsify your bottom line


He hates himself most The mirror a mocking glass The nemesis twin a mutual stranglehold until the flaws are bled out


Never mind the no Push back harder against it You uber alles But watch out for the backlash Lady Death means what she says

The Black-Collared Priest

The black-collared priest seems to seek his divinity in the gutter. White lines spider across a map, somehow meeting up with the fine lines showing themselves in his face. A strong belief in duality, not just as a reality but as a plan of action. He is the lamb run off on the hills, waiting […]