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gloss black horn or hair silver mist escapes thin lips is this not your time insulating unseen pelt highland coded DNA

On Watch

The iguana sits looking out the window between naps. A clattering and there are now two new humans in the house. Well, she’s pretty sure they’re new. Maybe not. Maybe they’re related to the humans who are usually here, after all, they did say hello to her. That’s the problem with people, they all look […]

III: The Empress

Fluidity like the neck of her swan, lotus slowly stretches itself open to greet the sun’s power. Success shines down like the gentle morning sun, it is effortless needing only to show up. The Empress is all about flow, not force. Moons reflecting the light and salt seasoning the waters. Alchemy by hidden methods appearing […]


dim weak daylight creeps into exhausted green eyes a reprieve from dreams but no relief from the grind silver not gold dissolving


put your money where your mouth is just to stop the flood ain’t it funny where your mind is spend your own damn blood we don’t owe you anything and when you cry go cry to papa and when you lie go lie to papa now crybaby cannot play with the big boys yet crybaby […]


Sleeping uneasily on the couch downstairs, he tosses and turns trying to shut out the music he keeps thinking he hears from the five pianos in the living room. The fire is dying out but it still seems to cast gnarled shadows that could really be a half-real pianist, and if that pianist is real […]

II: The Priestess

Arms cast wide open with the net. Enthroned. A huntress to capture what others have made and a musician mistress to create what is needed to fill in the gaps the others have left. Careful balance needed, change through influence and subtle direction means.


Gone to earth, buried a mountain of secret lives the burrow’s too shallow to give proper burials remnants reveal themselves still

Wishing Well

Once upon a time there was a small boy. He longed to be king of the world, but couldn’t see how he would ever manage such a thing. After all, he was too little to command an army, and his birth was rather commonplace, not at all noble. Out of ideas, one day he came […]

I: The Magus

Self-directed creation, what you will is what you get. Lightning in the hands coursing through the veins and out to the target. Multi-branches of possibilities, different courses to the same end. All you need is focus and an iron will. Casting the flies and the bounty should flow into you, make yourself as a drain […]


roaring water guards a thousand penny wishes returned investments or just wishful thinking shown? invest just a little more

Jumping Membranes

Suspended between worlds. An impossible feeling. There is no going back to the previous reality, that would be a certain death – at least of the spirit if not also of the body. The new reality is still a little out of reach, though, a bit like being in line outside in the cold for […]

0: The Fool

Beginning and ending, alpha and omega. The Fool has the ability to be whatever he needs to be, this is how he got to be the king’s companion. Play dumb and play dead and plan ahead to get ahead. Let them laugh, the only thing that really matters in the end is how you can […]


Death to Cancon pop devoid of import or depth “new blood!” cries the land give me something raw and real give me art not widget rock