Monthly Archives: December 2010

VIII: Strength

She has collared the lion for her mount, regal bearing seemingly without effort. Overt displays of strength usually hide a weak core, look for the lightest of touches to move mountains instead. Joy in desire and the achievement thereof. Strength through joy. Control of your own life and will. Use of magic. Tread on the […]

Trouble Thing

Lyrics from “Trouble Thing” off of Blood. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. Darkened corners Two can hide in Chase my tail or pretend You want Only what you’ve got Now Play your little games now Never speak of What is on the outside You think Only what you need Now Play your little games now What […]


Capricorn has come will its promises be kept or fall by the side is it the sign or the man manifestation or mate


Running through the live set, pondering what to do about certain patches that are perfect for the song but at the end they have no sustain after keys are released on the last notes. Seems a little clumsy and choked off, yet screwing with the release and decay parameters fucks up the overall sound… Probably […]


Is there anything tangible left to ask for? A Mopho synth module or the eventual need for two-tiered keyboard stands? None of these toys are necessary, or even priorities amongst the unnecessary, and if they become such I have the resources to snag them as want turns to need. Mostly I need cash to bankroll […]

Blah blah blah

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to add in some more behind-the-scenes sort of commentary on what I’m working on here in small weekly doses. This week while everyone else is dealing with trees and malls and presents, I’m in my last couple of weeks of prepping for a show January 5th at the […]

Move Through Me

Lyrics from “Move Through Me” off of Blood. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. I have a place for you I wanna plug you in You have a way with me Bleed to tape Scream yourself awake Swagger throat I feel you in my bones Touch me Move through me Or on top of me Synthetic pulse […]


longest black night dreams strange shades huddle up for heat corners of shut eyes fires fed by discounted dreams that may yet rise again soon

Poison Their Well

Lyrics from “Poison Their Well” off of Blood. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. There’s a base viciousness That nourishes my spine There’s a deep wickedness That makes me your strychnine Do you know you are a filthy thing? Throw yourself upon my mercy Throw yourself at my feet Show me where you cut yourself I wanna […]


Hunger has been his constant companion for 30 years, maybe longer. In his younger years it might have even been a real physical hunger when his earnings were meager and his drug habits were rumored to keep pace with the rock stars. At some point the finances improved and the recognition came with the paycheques, […]

Time Machine

Anything to go back. She dresses in the fashion of a previous century – too far, really, when a previous year would do just fine. And you can never really go all the way back. Modern makes, a new skirt in an old style, a modern corset, a brand new flower in the hair. Not […]

V: The Hierophant

There is a time to be still and study, to rule through reflection and knowledge informing strategies. To be the brilliant adviser and to renew the caches. A time to be one of the wise men. The surface might seem weak compared to a king or general, but there’s an iron core, a stubbornness that […]