Monthly Archives: January 2011

Down There

Having abandoned the Wraith (or at least his blue-eyed incarnation) on the stairs ages ago, she had thought the lid was shut on that Pandora’s Box, though every now and then the remembrance of his searching eyes, hoping she would stay with him, did come back to haunt her. She really didn’t think of it […]

March On

Lyrics from “March On” off of Black. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. March on til the Vengeance melts you From the inside Cake on the warpaint Fight for his side Pledge allegiance Dredge up old crimes Loyal soldiers speak to no one Watch knives whiten as he bleeds out Bitter tongues speak no truths Shades of […]

XI: Justice

Also called adjustment or equilibrium. All things have their counterbalance, their equal and opposite reaction. Scales and proportions, dynamic tension and minute adjustments on the fly in the most precarious positions. Legal proceedings and transactions, weighing all options.


Lyrics from “Martyr” off of Black. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. Wear your thorn crown Spear your own side Show your stigmata Martyr, lay me down Catholic guilt and primal need Show me I’m your church now What you see is what you want Can justify your urge now Wear your thorn crown Spear your own […]


a moon left to go cradled in the eastern hills shaken and mixed up the game continues alike still early in the chess match

24 Hours of Radio Art: The Maqlu Tarot

Today at noon PST I did an hour long set on CiTR‘s annual 24 Hours of Radio Art, in which I debuted my series of short compositions, The Maqlu Tarot. 22 short compositions loosely inspired from meditating on the 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, designed to be played at random to […]

X: Wheel of Fortune

A turn for all seasons. Flipping fortune, fast or slow. Intelligence and balance, unstable but brilliant reason, sluggish ignorance. Which is on top and which falls by the wayside? All situations hold the possibility of regeneration if you can find the key. Destiny calls.


Lyrics from “Whore” off of Black. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. Oh where, oh where Where has my little whore gone Oh where, oh where Where has my little whore gone Who are you lying to now Who are you lying to now Who are you lying next to now I like it when you fake […]


blood in the water thin twisting patterns and turns trace their way through revealing wormholes in haze and shortcuts through time and space

IX: The Hermit

In some ways the partner of the Hierophant, or the Hierophant himself at different points in his life. Retiring from the cruel world to rely on yourself alone, to see how far your own abilities can take you. To process the lessons you’ve learned and to come up with new ones. Deep meditation. Deep study. […]

This week

Pretty much the whole agenda for this week has been get my voice back in shape after the frog-like croaking induced by the nasty flu I got over Christmas that forced me to postpone the show I should have had at the Media Club earlier this evening. The new date will be February 2nd as […]

New date for Maqlu @ the Media Club

The show that had been scheduled for tonight was postponed due to illness, it will now take place on Wednesday February 2nd. Location and line-up is still the same, for more info check out the Facebook event here: Maqlu + Frederick + Friday Mortimer & the Beautiful Monsters @ the Media Club, February 2nd Or […]

Siamese Twins

Lyrics from “Siamese Twins” off of Black. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. Siamese twins at each other’s throat Grow into each other Slowly they choke Now as forever as always the same Left snips and whines while Right shuts his eyes while Each strangles the other while Both choke on their pride again Now as forever […]


will it be the same move forward to the fire trial stretch reach and stand up jump another thin membrane nothing is ever the same