New demos, free download, etc.

Spent the last two weeks working on the first batch of demos for an upcoming album I’ll call Futureghosts. They’re still pretty rough, but I just posted some on my for you to check out if you’re so inclined.

Futureghosts demos on

I decided to make one of them, “The Trap I Am In Now” available as a free download as well. Hope you dig it!

Maqlu – “The Trap I Am In Now” free download from

I also whipped up a cover of Nickelback’s “Figured You Out” but I’m not 100% sure what the legality of posting that would be and I would wait to get a license until I decide if I’m actually releasing it and I have a final version, so I guess there you’ll just have to use your imagination. It’s slower groove version and a bit seething with glitchy loop beats, if that helps at all. Might seem like an odd choice of cover for a girl, but hey, just because Chad Kroeger was writing about some dumb broad who pissed him off doesn’t mean I as a woman don’t know a few idiot guys who also match the description given. Anyway, it’s a pretty fun track that I’ve always joked about doing a cover of some day just for the Hell of it. That day happened to come earlier this week, so there ya go.

I’ll likely toss it into the live set for the next show, so eventually there might be video of a live version regardless of what I do with a recorded version.

Speaking of live shows, the February 2nd show at the Media Club went pretty well. Kudos to Deny Your Maker and Friday Mortimer & the Beautiful Monsters for kick ass sets, too. My brother taped my set, so I should have time sometime this week to go through the footage and chop it into song clips and start getting things posted to YouTube.

Working on setting up some more shows later in the spring, with possible dates in April, May and June, will wait til I know for sure before saying what and where and with whom. In the meantime, I think I am pretty much confirmed to play CiTR Radio’s 24 Hours of Radio Hell which will be in the third or fourth week of April, probably in the wee morning hours. More details to come, and if you’re not a night owl, no worries, the show will be podcast.

In other news, I see Black has come back onto a couple of the college radio electronic charts again – always glad to hear that you guys are glad to hear it! (Hmm… if I want to keep it that way maybe I shouldn’t admit to liking certain Nickelback tracks… d’oh!)

Work on the new EP Haze is coming along pretty well, and I’m debating putting out another EP in the fall with some odds and ends tracks to bridge the gap between now and when Futureghosts is ready. We’ll see.