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Lyrics from “Snare” off of Haze. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. Broken bunny black as hate Show your hand, don’t make me wait Cast your shadow, curse your fate Come out, cum hard, come take the bait I got a need for you Ain’t it funny, bitter mate Know you planned it far too late Kill […]


Lyrics from “Purple” off of Haze. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. I saw you in a dream one night I reached for you to hold you tight And waited for so very long Never cared what might go wrong Dream made flesh, flesh made lust I saw your eyes reflect your trust Will you harvest what […]


blue rubber skin constricts blocking toxins but does it keep them in or blot them out? a kingdom for a cure a kinship so procured akin to self-assurance self-importance self-examination lacking will to begin back to sleep

XIII: Death

It’s supposed to read metamorphosis, not oblivion. Entering a chrysalis. Doesn’t always work out that way. The surroundings are forever marred and shifted, hopefully for the better. Shedding skin. Retreating even beyond the Hanged Man’s lair. Remember, though, that only life can truly separate.


Lyrics from “Manifest” off of Haze. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea. Never what it could have been Is it Ever what you really need Is it Never what it used to seem Is it Ever what you hoped and dreamed Is it now? Did the dream break you over its back? Aleister, speak to me How […]

The Dollmaker

The things he’s never managed to say out loud he illustrates in tableaus set up with dolls. All the anxieties, faint memories from the wars of his parents’ generation, obsessions, insecurities of his own oddness… all test-driven in miniature. The small world supercedes the real world and becomes more real. All creation is like that, […]

XII: The Hanged Man

Suspended, floating, frozen in time or so it seems. The eye of the hurricane, where everything is painfully slow like trying to escape the molasses flood and each breath seems to take an eternity yet the world around moves too fast to process or grasp. Subtle growth is being made in the stillness, though – […]

Via Vogville’s FB page ATTENTION ALL OF VANCOUVER/LOWER MAINLAND: Vogville Recordings had two Neumann km184’s stolen sometime between May 2nd and May 7th. Purchased April 13th 2006. Serial Number: 70825+70826 …… If you see these on craigslist, EBay, etc: contact Jonathan @ Vogville ASAP, please.