Monthly Archives: June 2011

Delayed Gratification

Sometimes it’s months later that you find out whether your plans came true or not. A reconnaissance trek reveals photos of a bruised and battered enemy from a while back. Not quite what was asked for but not a bad start either. Or the way you never know your airplay this quarter til three quarters […]

XVIII: The Moon

Between the night stars and the day sun, a soft blue glow on the transition, lit by a big soft moon. It reflects the sunlight, but in a gentle way. Slow awakening. Slow stretch before rising, testing the sturdiness of weakened legs. Purification by slow leeching out of toxins and miseries, not the violent shaking […]

Missive 2.1

To pursue gold or shoot higher, for platinum? Either seems equally distant from the lead at the moment, but really, it can’t be that much harder to go the one step further. A thousand and one steps instead of a thousand. And the process isn’t too different. Both will require brimstone to work well with […]

Morningstar speaks

You do not “clear the air” with a silverfish. You drop a heavy book on it from shoulder height and simply wipe up the splat, throw the tissue in the toilet, and get on with your day. No discussion, no wavering. No agreeing to be friends with the enemy. If Napoleon is coming, burn the […]

XVII: The Star

For every knot, the bamboo grows taller, reaching towards the distant stars. Scar tissue, but it helps support against gravity when normal flesh wishes to collapse to the ground. Stretch and reach up. You never know who might grab your wrists and pull you up through the haze.

Of Shamans and Priests

There are priests and then there are shamans. Shamans predate priests, arising in simpler times with smaller groups. They are of their people even though they are often removed to the fringe, with the right hand reaching out to their tribe and the left hand to their source of power. These are the powers they […]

The Slug and the Peacocks

There once was a slug that was convinced it was a peacock. His other slug friends seemed to corroborate this belief—whether they really agreed with him or whether they were just humoring him will never be known, but in his home section of the forest everyone agreed with him that he was in fact a […]

XVI: The Tower

This is the place of the blackening. Push through and out. The old life is destroyed, there is no going back. This much is now fully understood. Back to the plans and maps forward. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the currently known takes over and pushes. Move with the ambition. Take a new deep […]