Monthly Archives: July 2011


Clear sky day and to the southeast Mount Baker’s white mass rises into the sky. It looks so peaceful but only an idiot thinks it’s actually so. All these mountains are volcanoes, granted most of them around Vancouver are dead or dormant, but not Baker. I know it well: I was forged in the belly […]

Thermonuclear Something Or Other [Maqlu Mix]

A remix I did a while back for Virtual Terrorist on the Fragments EP. The whole EP is available for free from and includes remixes from the Rabid Whole, Caustic, Die Toten and several others. In case you were wondering, the original title is “Thermonuclear Weapon” but in doing an interview with Siborg for […]

Fuel Toxicity

From a warning to a friend. You can burn toxic fuels if you have to and you know what you are doing. Trouble is you don’t know whether or not you know what you’re doing til long after the combustion is complete. And the combustion needs to be 100% complete or you’re swimming in toxic […]

On Point

Three things… An old song by Andy McCoy when he had a band called Shooting Gallery for, oh, a week or so. Well, longer than that – they opened for KISS on one tour before disintegrating into the sort of thing they were named for and the singer Billy G. Bang essentially vanished off the […]

Monkey see, monkey do

“You wanna be me, yeah, you wanna be me, really be someone…” It dawned on me that a despised rival seems to be trying to be me. Dyed her hair the same color, trying to be a writer and music “journalist” when I’ve pretty much decided it isn’t worth the hassle anymore and there’s a […]

Morningstar speaks: On Carthage

Cato the Elder always ended his speeches, no matter the topic, with the saying “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam.” (“Moreover, I advise that Carthage must be destroyed.”) This is as relevant now as it was in Cato’s time. In every life there will always be a Carthage and it must always be destroyed as part […]