Monthly Archives: September 2011

Pokes, Pies and (Lucky) Paws

A weird and varied day today – started off at the dentist’s office for a cleaning. Then, speaking of getting poked, popped by The Art of Loving and Honey Gifts in search of amusements. If any of my relatives stumble upon this, I swear I think this is just a cute finger puppet: Anyway, from […]


Don’t Get Hurt

It’s a doormat I saw drying on out clothesline. Why my father it or where it came from I have no clue. I’m guessing it was some sort of workplace safety reminder thing, but there’s something kinda amusing about a doormat wanring you not to get hurt.

Don't Get Hurt doormat

Hot Lips Bean Bag Chair

The perfect gift for a pompous ass

We all know at least one – that special someone who expects everyone to kiss their ass. If you get stuck with one of them on your Christmas list this year, I think I saw the perfect present for him/her in my travels yesterday: It’s called a Hot Lips Bean Bag Chair and I think […]

DJ Rubber Ducky

So, in case you haven’t seen my propaganda, I DJ on Friday nights at CiTR Radio in Vancouver [101.9 FM]on a show called the Vampire’s Ball [Friday nights midnight to 4am PST]. It focuses on industrial, goth and synth rock. Anyway, look who was filling in the vacant timeslot before my show when I arrived […]


13 albums

Been thinking about doing an experiment whereby for the month of September I listen only to a few key albums that were massively influential to me in my teens. Things that made me want to pursue music. I DJ on Friday nights, so I’ll have to make an exception to accommodate my show, and I’m […]