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Happy Hallowe’en!

The pumpkin’s carved, the candy’s in a bowl by the door, waiting for dark and the first few trick or treaters as I listen to my friends Caroline and Marie chat on Marie’s radio show, Synchronicity [on]: Synchronicity, Hallowe’en edition I spent most of the weekend working on music stuff, most will wait to […]

Pumpkin waits for dark

A couple good songs

“Fuck Me Pumps” by Amy Winehouse Chatting with my friend Val about skanks who figure they can sleep their way to the top, she mentioned this song. Love it, never heard it before. “Country Boner [Disco Viagra Mix]” by Puscifer Stumbled upon while deciding which Puscifer track to play on tonight’s Vampire’s Ball. Didn’t pick […]

Georgia Straight Hallowe’en round-up

In this week’s Georgia Straight there’s a Hallowe’en round-up with a bunch of Vancouver artists talking about favorite Hallowe’en costumes and tunes. Included are members of Myths, the Vampire Bats, Siskiyou, the Bonitos, Machines, Evil Ebenezer, Nim Vind, the Vincent Black Shadow, Mode Moderne, Fake Shark Real Zombie… and me. Check it out here: Vancouver […]

Mopho has arrived!

So, as previously mentioned here, I ordered a DSI Mopho synth as a birthday present to myself. I’d been told it would take a month to get here so I didn’t expect to find it already arrived this afternoon when I popped into Tom Lee for a scale exercise book [recommendation of my new piano […]




I was reminded this afternoon of Hundertwasser’s architectural ideas as I logged onto Facebook and saw a friend had posted a story about the “vertical forest” being built in Milan: Bosco Verticale in Milan Back when I was doing design classes at Emily Carr Institute here in Vancouver, I heard about Hundertwasser, who’s an Austrian […]

This is Vancouver

I don’t discuss politics or finance, but I think sociology is fair game. Couldn’t help but notice the “friend” who posted the most sanctimonious and self-serving Goodguy-badge sorta stuff about fighting the power of Wall Street and supporting the “99%” all day today in regards to the Occupy Vancouver protest just posted that she’s now […]

And then the fire alarm went off…

This week’s Vampire’s Ball was to be all about vintage industrial vinyl, and that worked out for a while, starting with Smersh and Keith Leblanc before playing some Coil and then, by request, Psychic TV and Noise Unit. I had Portion Control spinning and was just sitting down to write something about the medium being […]

DJ Rubber Ducky Contemplates the Abyss

Happy birthday to me…

Well, it’s my birthday today and I decided to give in to the siren song of the DSI Mopho synth I’ve wanted for ages. Not the little module version which will require me to use an external MIDI controller with it for live shows, but the version with the built-in 32-note keyboard. Of course, it’s […]

Demos update

So, been working on new stuff over the last little while, here’s the latest: Demo for “Lucky Paw” is now done. Or at leas the initial version is. The track has a bit of a sexy groove in the verses moving into a bit more of a new wave/pop feel in the choruses, which is […]

Printing bass lines, October 10 2011.

Death etc.

Sad to learn of Steve Jobs’ death. I know he’d been ill for quite some time, cancer’s a bitch. One of my web pals posted a link to this speech of Steve Jobs speaking to a Stanford commencement in 2005. Some pretty interesting and inspiring words of wisdom: I came to some similar conclusions earlier […]


Some days it seems like the city becomes a sentient being, seeking to buoy you up or drag you down alternatively on a whim. Other days it seems that no matter how much it rains here, the city is a barren wasteland desert. Sure there’s life in a desert, as any National Geographic special can […]



Another week, another Friday night in the DJ booth at CiTR. This week DJ Rubber Ducky has acquired a forehead tattoo. I’m starting to think he might be hanging out with a bad crowd. Including me. Anyway. It’s SOCAN monitoring week here at CiTR, and my policy on that is my friends and friends of […]