Planning ahead

Just realized CiTR Radio’s 24 Hours of Radio Art will be here in just 2 months, time for me to start thinking of what I’ll do for it.

The last 2 years I’ve prepared work in advance, in 2010 it was audio collages of spoken word about the Olympics and wasted money mixed in with layers of pop music and noise clips, last year I debuted the Maqlu Tarot.

I’m thinking this year it might be fun to do something live, improvised and site-specific, that is, to figure out how to use CiTR’s DJ booth to my advantage. Maybe have some loops and spoken word stuff on ProTools ready to pump into the on-air mix as needed via the external inputs to the board, use one mic for vocals, another for percussion. Bring one synth to patch into the XLR inputs of the board, maybe one drum machine.

Have a general theme planned and portions of it but not actually laid out and just wing it for the hour.

Not totally certain if I’ll go that route yet, but I’ll certainly think about it.

And if I do go for it, I’ll likely video it and post clips on YouTube and here. The whole thing will also be podcast aside from the live feed, so there will be the usual record of things.

Anyway, that’s still in the early planning stages. I’m also preparing for my performance at the January edition of the Tuesday Night Music Club at the Cellar on January 31, and I’ll probably be appearing on CiTR’s Thunderbird Radio Hell sometime in March as well.

Something that’s far more nebulous than any of these: I was discussing with a friend about how I think Vancouver needs an electro/industrial/noise festival, kinda along the lines of Kinetik. Well, if you want something done, sometimes ya gotta do it yourself. It’ll probably be a year in the making though, so you might not hear any more about it for a long while.