Monthly Archives: December 2011


Slowly starting to decorate for the holidays… In other news, rehearsing for my set at Tuesday Night Music Club January 31, also starting to get ready for a longer set I’ll be doing on CiTR Radio’s Thunderbird Radio Hell March 1 and I’ll be doing an improvised noise set during CiTR’s 24 Hours of Radio […]


Fuck femcon

A little op-ed here. Y’all might wanna skip this if you drink the PC Kool-Aid. Found this little sign on the wall of the station I DJ at, urging DJs to play more “fem-con” [works by female artists] while also refraining from playing anything misogynistic, or if you’re going to play it, “discuss it”. Some […]


Some new charts etc.

Haven’t checked in to !earshot’s charts in a few weeks, and lo and behold I’ve been on them a couple times lately: A couple weeks ago on November 22, 2011 was #4 on the electronic top ten and #29 on the top 30 at CFBX in Kamloops, BC. And this week’s charts aren’t fully […]