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Sometimes we have all had a friend who likes to talk smack about someone and we smile and nod politely. And then months later we find out he was right. Not that I’ll ever say that to R of course. Things work out the way they need to.

Euanator Radio links

Earlier today I was a guest on Euanator Radio up at CJSF in Burnaby, talking about my show next week and playing sneak previews of some of the new demos I’m working on. Here are the podcast links: Part 1: Podcast from my guest stint on Euanator Radio today, part 1: Part 2: […]

#30 in Kingston, etc.

The circle comes around – my first ever chart position was #30 on the Top 30 chart at CFRC in Kingston in July of 2010, and this week has reclaimed the same spot. CFRC Top 30 chart for January 24, 2012. In other news, rehearsals for the Tuesday Night Music Club set next week […]


After all the hassle of dealing with either having a mic on a stand where it gets in my way and never seems to be correctly positioned for longer than 20 seconds so I’m either having to squish down to be on mic or stretch up or lean funny to one side or another, and […]


Next show is January 31st in Vancouver at the Cellar for Tuesday Night Music Club. Working on convincing my brain that the third verse to Mister Hyde is in fact the third verse and not the second one.


Podcast links for 24 Hours of Radio Art 24 Hours of Radio Art 2012 Podcast link above for my set at 24 Hours of Radio Art on CiTR Radio yesterday, featuring two new audio collages of mine, “Thought Vibration” and “Warped Sonata.”

CFBX Top 25 Electronic Albums of 2011

Holy shit. Just saw this – made the Top 25 Electronic Albums of 2011 list at CFBX [The X 92.5 FM in Kamloops]. Lucky #13! Funny, just last week I was chatting with Tyranahorse [doing an interview with them for Discorder Magazine for the February issue] and we were talking about how much we […]


Diamanda Galas – Do You Take This Man?

Was just chatting on Facebook about an old article on female revenge songs, and I mentioned about this gem not being on their radar. Figured I should post a YouTube link in case any of my friends weren’t familiar and lo and behold I found an actual music video for it! “Do You Take […]

24 Hours of Radio Art

Schedule for CiTR Radio’s 24 Hours of Radio Art this year Every year CiTR [and many other stations around the world] host special audio art broadcasting on January 17, Art’s Birthday. Get a taste of CiTR’s line-up this year at the link above. I’m on from 4-7pm, Kaine Delay from Left Spine Down will be […]

Happy 2012!

So, I suspect the “end of the Mayan calendar” thing was more about some guy in the long, long ago saying “eh, fuck it, 2012’s as far as I feel like counting today, good ’nuff for now….” But I guess we’ll find out. I certainly have a few good plans for the coming year and […]