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missive 2012

How to change graphite’s structure back to a stronger carbon mark… This is the alchemist’s work for the quarter. Heat, pressure, break down and build up again. Catalysts or dissolution. Whatever it takes to bend graphite back to the alchemist’s Will and purposes rather than his own.



So, I’ve got mood lighting going on at the synth cave with a bunch of LED xmas lights and a little disco ball, etc. I decided to add some more oomph by bringing some old small IKEA mirrors and hanging them up in random spots. I figured I could use a few more but decided […]

End of the month update

So I’ve probably gotten five or six notices from Library and Archives Canada reminding me that I need to send them copies of my CDs. Finally got around to sending them yesterday. You could say I’m a little behind on the non-musical stuff. Working on some new spoken word bits this week, also decided I […]


Multi-level noise

OK, technically it’s multi-level noisemakers. Getting the live set-up a little better organized. In other news, remixes now submitted for both Drowning Susan and c0ndu1t. Also back to working on demos for the new maQLu album. Check out this week’s edition of CiTR Weirdo Music on podcast, it’s got a couple of my track in […]


Working on a remix for Drowning Susan’s upcoming remix album, a track called “Filth.” I think I’ve finally got the structure and arrangement nailed down, will listen with fresh ears tomorrow and then give it a mix. In the meantime, check out the original version of the track from their bandcamp here:   FILTH by […]

Rehearsal video: "Mister Hyde"

Had some camera issues at my set last week at Tuesday Night Music Club so I figured I’d post a rehearsal video instead for a couple of the new songs. First up is “Mister Hyde”. Gear: Vocals: heavily FX-laden, here’s what’s in the FX chain [what’s on depends on which part of the song]: Boss […]

Live stuff

Last night’s set at Tuesday Night Music Club was short and interesting. Some technical glitches with the distorted vocals meant I had to send out a much drier signal than I would have liked, oh well – next time I know that if I can do it with minimal feedback in my rehearsal space running […]