Monthly Archives: March 2012


Thunderbird Radio Hell

So, last night’s set on CiTR Radio‘s Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell went pretty well. I did have a couple of glitches. First, I was going to post one last “hey, tune in now” message with the above cell-cam shot of the set-up when the ol’ Crackberry decided to freeze on me. Second, while everything […]


Stage lights

Been thinking for a while about what to do about stage lighting – sure, some venues have their own rigs, others just flood the stage with white light and that’s that. And others are not specifically music venues so the lighting is more a matter of overhead flourescents, always flattering. I was envisioning something a […]

Industrial tambourine

Decided it would be fun for my upcoming sets to add a little percussion into the mix at points where I’m not playing synths. So, I brought in a few toys from home, including a vibraslap, my old tambourine, some shakers and other things. Forgot to bring in my cabasa but I’ll bring it tomorrow […]


Thermonuclear Something Or Other [Maqlu Remix]

Funny, I was just thinking today about the practical applications of nuclear annihilation. Or was it a list of people I’d like to see vaporized by a neutron bomb? Anyway, noticed there is now an official upload of the remix I did for Virtual Terrorist of a song called “Thermonuclear Weapon.” The different title on […]

Drowning Susan remix now available

Well, that remix I was mentioning working on a few weeks back is now available for download: Filth (Maqlu edit) by Drowning Susan It’s the “Filth [Maqlu Edit]” on Drowning Susan’s new double album The Long Count. 20 tracks in total, all great – and best of all you can name your own price on […]


Actually seen on a firearms product review/comparison page: Gun type is often rated as the most important factor in choosing rifles and shotguns for skeet shooting, in addition to rifles and shotguns for a zombie attack and rifles and shotguns for target shooting. Zombie attacks treated as a serious consideration factor for which shotgun to […]

persona non grata PT

Working on another demo, this one called “Persona Non Grata” unless I change my mind. Almost done, just needs some bass and final vocals.