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Lyrics for “Alabaster” from Futureghosts. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea Carved from alabaster Gone awry Gone astray Gone too far my wicked ways Breathe some life into you Come undone Come to play Come to jar my sickened days Statue never speak Silent slave come seek me out Break yourself for me Blood from stone Model […]

New EP release date: April 30, 2012

Well, I have the masters back from Scott Fox for Futureghosts, and I’ve decided to set the release date for the EP as Walpurgisnacht: April 30, 2012. Online at least. Just finishing up a few details for the short run of CDs I’ll do for servicing college radio in Canada, those will probably be ready […]

New music video: “Manifest”

I’d had this documentary on the Royal Ballet of Cambodia sitting on my hard drive for about a year [available here at] intending to put it to use in a dance-themed archival footage video for “Manifest,” but never got around to actually cutting it up and setting it to “Manifest” until last night. Enjoy! […]


Just sent all the mixes out to Scott Fox for mastering. So, sometime in June there will be a new maQLu EP, Futureghosts, once I get a short run of CDs pressed for radio etc. More details to go up closer to the time.

Pics from Indie Pop XXV

So, had some trouble with the sound quality in the video of my set from a couple weeks ago at’s Indie Pop Series XXV. Instead of posting video clips, I think I’ll just post a few stills. There’s some more on my Facebook page, too.


Couple EP updates

Weird thing I’ve noticed – my most productive days it always seems at the end of them I can’t remember much of what I spent my time on yet I got a lot done, days when I’m goofing off I always feel busier. Dunno why. But anyway, since the full-length album I’m working on has […]

CiTR chart positions

So last week cracked the top 30 at my home station, CiTR Radio in Vancouver [I DJ here for the Vampire’s Ball, but believe me when I say I had nothing to do with it – wasn’t playing any of my own stuff lately], by squeezing on at #30. Just got the chart for […]