Monthly Archives: May 2012

Lights Out

So I was in the midst of working on a remix when all of a sudden the lights went out, as did my monitors. The laptop carried on thanks to its battery, and the ProTools MBox runs off USB so it was fine. The hard drive, however, shuts off. Emergency generator-powered lights in the hallway […]


Lyrics for “Molasses” from Futureghosts. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea When I dream you come back to me In black light and wait For me to awake How long can it take Come back and come around And out of the shadows we found When I seem too numb to come clean You’re not quite in […]

Reckless Life

So, the story I always heard about “Reckless Life” was that it was the opening track on the EP/demo Live ?!*@ Like A Suicide. Wiki confirms what I always thought – the sound is too clean to actually be live, it’s a studio performance, but that doesn’t really detract from the ferocity of it all. […]

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

So, as is so often the case, the best ideas come late at night when I’m trying to fall asleep. This time, I was pondering how I want to be playing tambourine live on a couple songs, but want to avoid the massive bruising on my upper thigh that I ended up with after the […]




Quick! Go to and play with the Moog logo [for some reason it seems to be only in Australia, or maybe it’s a time zone thing and it’ll be here in a few hours]. Click on the keys to hit notes, click and drag on all the little buttons and knobs and the mod […]


Lyrics for “Caution” from Futureghosts. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea Yellow flashing golden light Mirror ‘flecting inner fight When will we move to the next plateau Yellow flashing warning sign Dare not touch what’s not yet mine When will we move to the next plateau Oh this chess match moves so slow Ask me without asking […]

On Making Artistic Statements

Years ago in art school I recall a discussion where the prof was telling us about an interview he saw with Basquiat. The interviewer was asking the usual sorts of inane questions and Basquiat was answering, albeit whilst stuffing his face with French fries. Chewing and mumbling, and refusing to repeat himself when the interviewer […]

Saint Camilla

Lyrics for “Saint Camilla” from Futureghosts. Copyright 2010 Pyra Draculea Saint Camilla walks through an endless night And she keeps her faith through her martyr’s plight And she wonders just how long it has been And she floats in time Past an endless grind And she knows she will walk the line Yes she will […]

Review of “Futureghosts” on Brushvox

Killer review of Futureghosts from Brushvox, saying Futureghosts is a “journey of exploration beyond the borders of Industrial and Electronic music, beyond the borders of conventional and boredom.” Read the whole thing here: