Monthly Archives: July 2012

Sonic band-aid balls

Structure of “Constrictor”: intro-verse-turn-verse-turn-chorus-tag-turn-verse-turn-chorus-tag-tag-tag-fade out I liked the song overall, but thought it was missing a little something. First, the chorus felt too abrupt, so I doubled the length. That was a bit better, but still something was missing. Then I came up with a different bit that could have been a bridge but felt […]


A little sprucing up

It started with a drive to revamp the synth cave a bit. I had a couple IKEA chairs in the corner that were really too big for the space [yeah, who knew IKEA could make anything too big?], took those apart and took them home and replaced them with a “coffee table” that was padded […]

Making some mini-quilt dust covers for my synths, found this circuit print to use for one (lucky RS-5). Too bad it was only the one piece. Oh well.


Random observation

Anyone else notice how over the last 10-15 years we stopped calling psychos and criminals “psychos” and “criminals” and we started called them “bad guys”? Which is kinda the sorta thing you say to a five year old when you explain to them why they shouldn’t ever get in a car with a stranger because […]

Worldwide fake man trouble

Or at least issues with getting a mannequin shipped to Canada from companies who insist they ship worldwide until you try to order something and then it’s “We don’t ship to Canada, sorry.” I’ve had this happen twice in the lat month, once was a company who said on EBay they shipped to Canada, then […]

Jagged Little Pill

So in the last month or so, Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” has been following me around. Of course I’d heard it on the radio when it came out, and other singles from that album floated around for the last 15 years or so, but when Jagged Little Pill came out I was heavily into […]

So apparently there was a shooting at a movie theatre in Denver last night, don’t know all the details but my Twitter and Facebook feeds are already filling up with smug Canadians crowing about “American gun culture” (never mind that Canadian criminals are shooting out a little turf war in Toronto as of late) and […]

July 17, 2012 chart positions

This week Futureghosts was: #10 on the electronic top 10 at CHUO in Ottawa. #26 on the top 30 at CFBU in St. Catherine’s, ON. And I found another national chart from June that I missed before: Futureghosts was #18 on the top 20 electronic albums of June on !earshot. Strange: this is the second […]

Mercury’s the god of commerce, right?

According to my brother it starts with the Mercury retrograde. Things go on the fritz. I figure it’s a matter of the Crackberry running a self-destruct sequence just like RIM’s stick has in the last year. Either way, Sunday I was in mid-text and my screen went white and no amount of forced reboots made […]



Had to chuckle last night as I saw someone on Twitter insist that in 50 years tattoos won’t be cool and no one will be getting them anymore. I happen to know he hasn’t got any, and it seems to me perhaps there’s a bit of projection on his part. Now, I have six tattoos… […]