Monthly Archives: August 2012

Sneak peek of the next synth cave

Popped downstairs today to take some measurements of what I hope will become Synth Cave 3.0 this fall. So far it’s still full of props etc. from the theatre company that used to have the space, but that’s all being rearranged into other areas of the building, so imagine it full of my crap instead. […]



Another weird coincidence thing

Follow up from yesterday’s post about some goofy synchronicities stemming from a couple conversations joking about dick pics etc. I’d been going to go to a show tonight but it got cancelled so I’ll be doing my usual radio show instead. Which means I need caffeine and candy, which I didn’t bring. So I went […]

Weekly update

Well, it’s been a bit of a crazy week, which I guess is fitting for the lead-up to the full moon. Let’s see here… I guess the start of the week was all about frustrations with one project/album that’s already been delayed for 6 months is starting to look like it’ll be delayed another. Basically […]

Coincidence or no?

Days like this I think there’s something to the theory that 1. there’s no such thing as a coincidence and 2. the universe has a sense of humor. A couple days ago someone I follow on Twitter [personal account, not @maQLU] was asking about if girls really do want to see dick shots, I replied […]

Nice is so last year…

I speak not in terms of actual conduct with people you do business with [even if some people in this industry need a good hard throttling] but in terms of image, attitude, and sound. Nice is boring. So is pretty. So is polished. Am I the only one who ever noticed that we get a […]

Late August chart positions

So, apparently this week Futureghosts is back on the ol’ Canadian college radio charts: #6 on the electronic top 10 at CFBX in Kamloops, BC and #10 on the electronic top 10 at CHUO in Ottawa. Sweet! Also, somehow I missed this til just now, but last week Futureghosts also popped back onto the charts […]

Weekly round-up/update

Technically a two-week update since I forgot last week… 1. Video for “Trouble Thing”: Whipped this up last night, then went on a downloading rampage for more weird old 40s and 50s educational videos to use in future archival footage stuff. I plan to get one made for each of my songs, we’ll see how […]


Video: “Trouble Thing”

Making headway on my plan to do some sort of video for all the songs I’ve put out. Here’s an archival footage one for “Trouble Thing” from the EP Blood [and of course the album]. Music copyright Pyra Draculea 2010, footage is from the public domain.

Bob Lefsetz on artists having something to say, more specifically he’s talking about Joni Mitchell: Bob Lefsetz: “Woman of Heart and Mind”

Old digital negative collage print

Found my old photography portfolio hard drive tonight as I’ve got to sort through and find certain shots for album art. This isn’t one of the shots I’ll use for the next EP, but I thought this would be a fun one to share. The guy is from some porn site, don’t remember which, the […]


Week in review

Well, this week at maQLu Central has been about catching up on some things and sorting out others. I’ve been working on some live arrangements for new songs as I expect to have a few small shows in the fall, more info as the time comes. And aside from the larger album I’m working on, […]