Monthly Archives: September 2012

Glee and other garbage

Can someone explain to me why the fuck anyone watches crap like Glee? Because at least when I went to school, the glee club was where all the geeks and losers (the ones not cool enough to play triangle in the jazz band) were relegated. Actually, I don’t even recall any high school I went […]

Video: “March On”

Making headway on my plan to do some sort of video for all the songs I’ve put out. Here’s an archival footage one for “March On” from the EP Black [and of course the album]. Music copyright Pyra Draculea 2010, footage is from the public domain.


Weekly update

I should call these bi-weekly updates, I always seem to forget one week and post the next. Phew! Got one of my two cover submissions in to COMA Music Magazine, and with 2 weeks to go before the deadline. That was my new wave cover, “Lie to Me” by Depeche Mode. My version is slower, […]

RIP Bill Kennedy

Logged on to Twitter this afternoon to see a post from Dave Ogilvie saying that Bill “Kill” Kennedy had passed away today. Bill was one of the best engineers in the business, and a great producer too. Best known for working with Megadeth, he worked with loads of acts, from Nine Inch Nails [he did […]