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Now available: COMA Music Magazine’s Tainted Candy

This is a new compilation of 14 exclusive tracks, all industrial/electro covers of 80s new wave songs, put out by our friends at COMA Music Magazine. Best of all, it’s free. Go grab your copy now. Track Listing: Deconbrio – Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel) Nousia – I Ran (Flock of Seagulls) John Omen – Strange Days […]



blood+birth by maQLu As mentioned before, I’ve been thinking for a while of doing some extended audio collages and experimental tracks, and this is the first one. blood+birth debuted on the Vampire’s Ball this past Friday, and I’ll be trying to do these longer works more regularly, maybe even a couple times a month. They’ll […]

Overdue update

So, I’ve lost track of time for these supposedly weekly updates… but anyway, here we go. First up, as mentioned sometime in the last week, I’ve completed a new hour long noise experimental thing called blood+birth. It will debut on my radio show The Vampire’s Ball on CiTR Radio 101.9FM in Vancouver, this Friday […]

Sitting at the door with a friend for someone else’s show tonight. Cover is $10, which is more than this venue usually charges but obviously it’s what the headliners felt was fair to demand. Bimbo and her friend walk up and ask me what the cover is. “Ten dollars.” “What?! Ten dollars for this place?!?” […]

Good block, bad block

So I arrive in the synth cave today soaking wet from the rain after walking in from a couple blocks away where I left my car. Why would I park a couple blocks away? Especially as there’s adequate parking in the little lot off the back alley and more spaces available curbside in the front […]

Notes etc.


Mostly been rehearsing live arrangements the last couple weeks, but I’m also starting to brainstorm for the album art for the next release, Malfeasance. Also making the final to-do list, finalizing the track listing, and working on the last couple songs. So… not too much to report in terms of things that are ready to […]


You know what my favorite part of a live show is? When the only guitarist onstage is randomly picking out single pinch harmonics up high on the neck which you can’t even really hear and letting them ring out for at least a bar or two each but you do hear a wall of chugging […]