Monthly Archives: November 2012

Beavis and Butthead FX delay

So I’m working on the next noise piece, and the first segment involves spoken word run through a couple different delays and FX loops over static and drums. Tonight’s Beavis and Butthead moment: Delay FX of one spoken word line, “from either direction,” keeps morphing it into “I need an erection.” Meh, it’s funny, so […]


Another “weekly” update, overdue as usual.

First, a little pic from this month’s photoset: Anyway, new noise piece for tonight it called TailChaste, will be airing it on tonight’s Vampire’s Ball [CiTR Radio 101.9FM in Vancouver, otherwise, midnight to 4am PST and TailChaste will be on starting roughly an hour into the show], and I’ll have the link posted with […]

Tainted Candy: now streaming on Spotify

For anyone who’s got Spotify, Tainted Candy is now up and streaming on there, check it out here: Tainted Candy on Spotify Tainted Candy is a compilation of 80s new wave covers put out by COMA Music Magazine a couple weeks ago, featuring 14 killer tracking [including my sludgy cover of Depeche Mode’s “Lie To […]