Monthly Archives: January 2013


Just finishing the last of the videos for the new album, Malfeasance. Mostly using archival footage again, but some involve footage I shot too. Of the archival footage videos, a couple of scores made me chuckle. First, I was making a video for “I Like You Better When You’re High” with a couple layers of […]

Necktar 2017 vol.5

The newest installment of the experimental compilation series Necktar 2017 is out today. Volume 5 features 111 tracks, including my own “Dr. Jeckyll’s Mask.” This is a free compilation, grab yours here: Necktar 2017 vol. 5

New song/video: Lucky Paw

Two weeks to go until Malfeasance is out, figured I’d slip this video out for “Lucky Paw.” Because it’s Friday night and the chimps love a party. PS: I think I did a version of this live a couple times last year, but if memory serves I don’t think my set on Live From Thunderbird […]

New bio. Finally.

So after procrastinating for a couple months, because writing bios is my least favorite chore, I finally got a new bio written, just in time to order some one-sheets for the college radio mailout for Malfeasance. Here it, will add some more links into it as things are ready to go live at the end […]


So, my cousin from out of town and I headed to Sanctuary tonight, it’s their first night on Sundays instead of Saturdays since they’d changed over about 3 years ago, and their first night back at the Red Room where they’d been for ages as well. For the most part it was pretty chilled out, […]