Monthly Archives: March 2013

Thought but not spoken

Contrary to the myth, things tend to end with a pathetic whimper, not a big impressive bang. But it’s usually best to not point that out to whatever special little snowflake is at the end of the line thinking she’s making history. Nature will make the point clear enough soon enough.

A couple new covers

So I’ll be trying to post one cover a month this year for fun, last month it was my version of Nickelback’s “Figured You Out” and this month I have a couple [well… I missed January so it evens out]. First up is a cover I started last year as just a drum and bass […]

Trying too hard

At a show not that long ago there was a singer/solo artist who seems to be trying to set himself up as some sort of sexy crooner pop dude, always playing in just jeans and a tight white t-shirt, hair slicked back, and obviously trying a little too hard to be perceived as a heartthrob. […]


So a few days ago when running errands with my father he blurted out that he’d put my new CD (Malfeasance) into the stereo in his truck and listened to it. Kinda an awkward moment because let’s be blunt it’s not exactly the kinda lyrics someone wants to hear their daughter singing (though nowhere near […]


Lyrics from “Sapphire” off of Malfeasance. Copyright 2013 Pyra Draculea. Gin and ginger in a dark little room Feeling low as I linger and I silently fume Quiet my phone As I should have known That I won’t be seeing you Anytime soon Chartreuse and chocolate on a dark frigid night Hearing lies and bullshit […]