Monthly Archives: May 2013

Sales FAIL

Let me show you a picture of a very magical item that I just picked up at Long & McQuade: OK, so that’s just a simple AC adapter and daisy chain for guitar effects pedals, so what? Well, less than an hour before an idiot at a music store in my home suburb insisted that […]


Special Ed

Been a while since I posted anything about my whole learning to swim and bike thing, and I guess since I started I might as well post an update. I’ve been biking now for a couple months, a couple times a week. Still sticking to off-road trails since I don’t feel up to dealing with […]

World Goth Day

World Goth Day is what happens when goth “culture” [such as it is] meets up with participation trophy culture. In other words, it’s a fucking abomination. Gawd. Are people that hard up for vindication and validation that they really need a pseudo-Hallmark day of recognition? [Mark my words, if there aren’t already $5 greeting cards […]