Monthly Archives: July 2013



Construction time around the jam space, therefore street parking is all fucked up. And to make matters worse this week we’ve got film folks on site, so all the spaces in the back lot are full. So, I find a spot a block away, get out, and promptly trip over a folded up construction sign […]

New toy

Decided that it might be fun to try something a little different and pick up an acoustic guitar. Of course, me being me it has to be an acoustic electric so I have the option to plug in. Previous attempts to learn to play guitar never worked out, but this time I put my main […]



I was going to write a long and detailed post about what happened to me earlier this week but fuck it, this isn’t a diary. Long story short: I just about died on Tuesday stuck under an overturned kayak before I’d learned to self-rescue. No exaggeration: I couldn’t free myself or roll the kayak back […]


DJ mixer

Word to the Wise

Requesting your own music on a radio show is the musical equivalent of autoerotic asphyxiation: You’re the only one who gets off, and you’re gambling with your future prospects. Especially when the DJ knows it’s your band and you’re acting like it’s a regular request. “Well, I was thinking of asking for a little Laibach, […]