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Stupidity and solipsism is nothing new

Takimag on the idiotic protests against Death In June’s recent US tour. Hell, I recall back in 2002 friends of mine were going to head down to Seattle to see Boyd Rice playing with Death In June, and the bastard antifascists got some sort of ordinance passed to keep Boyd from playing. Brownshirting 101 indeed.

Andy McCoy, Grease Helmet music video [YouTube screenshot]

New Andy McCoy

Band is called Grease Helmet, with lead guitar from none other than Andy McCoy, best known as the mastermind behind Hanoi Rocks. (And for anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, Google it. Jesus.) Hanoi was of course one of my very favorite bands when I was a kid, second only to Guns […]

Tee hee! Kathy Shaidle sets her snark sights on Neil Young, and she’s dead-on of course. Loverboy or Neil Young… ick. Makes ya appreciate Nickelback [at least their porn-y hard rock tunes] by comparison.

A whole album’s worth? Huh.

A funny thing happened today, or rather it happened over the course of the summer but I only noticed it today. While focussing only on figuring out and then rehearsing guitar arrangements of songs I already put out, and while not thinking of even starting work on a new album, I ended up writing one. […]



Good Morning

Last day visiting my dad’s side of the family. This morning I awoke to hear my name interspersed with the Polish conversation and based on tone of voice, English words thrown in, and the few Polish words I recognize, it seems this was the general gist of the conversation between my father and his mother: […]


Visiting relatives. Second full day but it feels like a 20 year sentence already. Can’t sleep, don’t speak the language, already finished the 400 page Mick Jagger bio and the couple guitar magazines I brought for entertainment. Spending my nights listening to Hanoi Rocks and Aerosmith via the iPod while playing sudoku on my iPad. […]



Surgery: Straplok edition

Well, after finally figuring out the right strap length or my guitar (namely, the longest possible, via trial and error in figuring out what annoys my right wrist the least combined with a dose if What Would Slash Do? in consulting old GNR photos and video footage) I noticed that the strap I’m using was […]