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“Whatcha got in that case, honey?”

So I have my new-to-me 1986 Gibson ES-175. It’s pretty damn sweet, and while I originally planned to get a black one—what can I say, I like everything to color-coordinate easily—I ended up with an alpine white one that’s pretty much identical to one once played by Izzy Stradlin. And after going to my jam […]

1986 Gibson ES-175

OMG, dude! She’s got the brand new upside down Les Paul model. Top secret prototype – you just think the notes and guitar transmits them to the amp, no picking or chord changes required. Shhhh… don’t say anything, though… we don’t want all those silly guys who spent their 10,000 hours practising with their hands […]


Dream guitars etc.

So, with the Guns N Roses love of my youth now coming back with a vengeance, and being that I live in the twilight zone, I’ve started having some interesting freak coincidences coming up. There’s the vintage 1980s Gibson ES-175, virtually identical to one of the many GnR guitars from back in the day, that […]

Too funny.

Noticed something I never noticed before tonight: in the shot of Izzy Stradlin from the cover of GNR Lies, he’s got his pick between his thumb and forefinger and his cigarette between the middle and ring fingers. Talk about efficiency, or at least 80% efficiency. (And at least it’s not gross, like a certain member […]

Guns N Roses GNR Lies