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Cover of “Lie To Me”

Cover of Depeche Mode’s “Lie To Me.” This cover originally appeared on COMA Music Magazine’s 2012 covers compilation Tainted Candy, which is a free download here: Enjoy. Fucking weird, by the way – noticed that YouTube has slapped black bars on the sides, even though the uploaded video is actually widescreen. Thus far Google […]

maQLu 'Lie to Me' YouTube screenshot

Year End Round Up

Not gonna bother doing the usual album list crap. After all, those “what I’m listening to this week” posts are more accurate on that front [skipping it this week due to Christmas, even if I’m listening more to Danzig than any Christmas music]. Instead, I figured I’d rattle off some highlights and lowlights of 2013 […]


1986 Gibson ES-175

A strange kind of memory

Weird little thing I noticed in the last few days: So I’m working on “Mr. Brownstone,” and we’d been over the verse and chorus riffs in my guitar lesson. I meant to scribble it down while it was still fresh in my mind but then I got sidetracked on my way to the jam space, […]

Lingerie, or the lack thereof

Completely off-topic: Been buying some new lingerie this week, and noticed something odd. Most of the “lingerie” shops seem mostly packed with “lounge” clothes. For every one merry widow or skimpy silk chemise, there were 10 sets of flannel pajamas, t-shirts, and sweat pants. Am I nuts, or is this fucking bullshit? PJs are easily […]


Tracks of the Week

Hey, only 8 days later instead of a month! Anyway, been a bit of a weird week, here are the tracks that stand out in my mind from this week’s listening: L.A. Guns: “Nothing Better To Do”: Bassist Kelly Nickels’ fun little ditty, always loved this one [and fuck, I remember just about every one […]


1997 Gibson ES-135

Introducing… “Jeff” 2

First, a side note: so many people will call a guitar a “she,” supposedly because of the curves. But really I think this convention stems from it being mostly guys who play guitar, and the vast majority are straight, so it makes sense that if they were going to anthropomorphize the things they spend inordinate […]

Gavin McInnes on the importance of individual innovators Art prospers when some nut goes off on a tangent and does it again and again until we get it. …


Podcast links for the Vampire’s Ball for December 11/12, 2013

Guess it’s time I started posting Vampire’s Ball updates again, now that the show is settled into its newer more eclectic format. Download or play direct from Podcast of the Vampire’s Ball for December 11/12, 2013 Playlist: Reverend Horton Heat – Hello Mrs. Darkness (Space Heater) Tom Waits – Oily Night (The Black Rider) […]

Shit I’m listening to this week

[I keep calling these “this week” but then forgetting to post more than once every month or 6 weeks… Oh well…] First off, since I was up til 6:30am today on an L.A. Guns listening kick, here’s the official video for “Rip and Tear”: A little schlocky as any music video from the 80s would […]

Aerosmith live [YouTube screenshot]

Ah, NME is out of their goddamn minds…

So, NME says Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” was the sixteenth best song of the 1980s while Guns N Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was the sixtieth. Many of their other picks and rankings were even more dubious. Which raises the question: exactly what drugs are they smoking over there when they make up […]