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Tracks of the Week February 25

First of all, I forgot this one from last week’s list, so here it is now: Virtual Terrorist: “Killer [1990 Radutron remix by the Rabid Whole]”: I actually mastered this EP, and I wouldn’t say I’m the greatest mastering engineer but hey, Fragments turned out pretty good so I think I pulled it out of […]

Laser tattoo removal progress

Laser tattoo removal update: week 3

Skipped the update last week, so I guess I’m due. Somewhere around the middle of the week my tattoos suddenly became itchy as Hell and any scrap of black ink became bordered with red inflammation as my system started to attack the ink more. More chunks missing in the outlines, and more fine lines such […]

Recurring dream

Had a recurring dream today where parts of it involve someone I met more recently than the last time I had it. Now trying to remember if he was in it last time or not even though that was before I met him. Based on some of the locations that have always popped up in […]



New bio… finally…

After meaning to rewrite my bio for at least six or seven months, I finally got around to it tonight. It’s a bit tongue in cheek as hey, the next album’s still a ways out and this blog is currently more about what I’m listening to than what I’m doing [otherwise it would just be […]

Tracks of the Week February 18

Just got in from a jog, which coming back from last fall’s shin injury is really still code for a walk in which I occasionally throw in a couple jogging intervals. Anyway, my last interval would normally be a lazy slow jog because why not, except just prior to it today I was passing by […]

L.A. Guns poster

Zakk Wylde Black Label Society live at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, February 15 2014

Zakk Wylde live at the Commodore

Well, as I’ve been mentioning a few times over the last couple months, I’ve been waiting for Zakk Wylde’s acoustic show at the Commodore here in Vancouver. And Thursday was the day. (A bit late in posting as I was having some weird photo syncing issues between my iPhone and iPad, and I hate trying […]

Fuck off, capitalization Nazis

I keep getting this snarky bullshit when I listen to Crashdïet. Dear my tags are “incorrect” because all my Crashdïet stuff was bought from iTunes, which clearly disagrees with you and which won’t let me “fix” my tags. (Seriously. I made it all caps and iTunes flicked it right back to the way they […]