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CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver

Podcast links for the Vampire’s Ball, March 26/27 2014

Download or play direct from Podcast of the Vampire’s Ball for March 26/27, 2014 Playlist: Squarehead – Disorder (Voltage Controlled Body Music) Virtual Terrorist – Firewall Breaker [Premium Edition] (Source Code) Front Line Assembly – Shifting Through the Lens (Improvised. Electronic. Device.) Moev – In the Dark (One Minute World) Malhavoc – Gather (The […]


Barbie, etc.

Was chatting on Facebook about women feeling victimized by Barbie and unrealistic body images, crap like that. Victimized? By a piece of plastic? Talk about your first world problems! But then again, I would say that, because I kinda did look like Barbie when I was 18-20, in fact I recall a fellow I was […]

Tracks of the week: March 25

Well, it’s the day after my second laser tattoo removal session, and with that experience fresh in mind [and on my arms], I figured I’d start out with this: Van Halen: “On Fire”:   Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers: “One Track Mind”: Live version, also has them doing “Too Much Junkie Business.” Been finally getting […]


Laser tattoo removal progress

Second blast session

Well, today was the day for my second session with the laser. Last night I mentioned to my father that I was going in for another “blast session,” he misheard and got excited. “Oh, this is your last session?” Only in my dreams. Oh well. First up, here’s shots from last night, seven weeks after […]

Podcast links for the Vampire’s Ball, March 19/20 2014

Download or play direct from Podcast of the Vampire’s Ball for March 19/20, 2014 Playlist: Zoo Age – Heavy Metals (Zoo Age) Darwin Marsh – Weather Or Not (A Gentle Rear View Mirror) Apollyon’s Visage – Static Possession (Devour) Virtual Terrorist – Hacking Software (Source Code) W.A.S.T.E. – Butcher Knife (Liquor, Drugs and Hate) […]

CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver


Tracks of the week March 19

The Thick Of It: “Underneath”: I was an assistant engineer on the recording and mixing of this album. Hard to believe that was almost five years ago. Anyway, last couple years I haven’t been hitting as many shows as I’d like, but I’m getting out of my cave more now, and thus I got out […]

Poor, poor Jeff

Well, I think I mentioned before about my dear Gibson ES-135 that I named Jeff (despite my jokey post about naming all of my guitars, it only stuck with this one). And that he needed a tuning head fixed or replaced and the same with his toggle switch. I’d been using Jeff mostly for drop/modal […]


Drum samples tracks in ProTools, working on the new maQLu album


Realized I’ve actually managed to do a shitload of writing in the last week or so. Now if only some of these chunks lined up into full songs. Oh well. Of course, the dumb thing is that I have one album fully written and two-thirds-finished in terms of recording, another one 90% written but only […]