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Next live show: May 24 @ Marine Pub in Burnaby

Hey Vancouver folks: Next maQLu show is May 24 at the Marine Pub in Burnaby. I’m opening for We Found a Lovebird and The Furniture, and will be doing a quick and dirty stripped down set, 4 or 5 songs with just me, my guitar, and probably a drum machine if it behaves itself and […]

Show poster for We Found a Lovebird, The Furniture, and maQLu, Marine Pub May 24 2014

Guns N Roses Appetite for Conversation interview LP, autographed by Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, and Steven Adler

Happy Walpurgisnacht to me!

Fetched my mail this afternoon and I had a large sorta flat square parcel. I knew exactly what it was, a recent eBay purchase of an LP of an interview with Guns N Roses from back in the day, put out by BaktaBak, which I think did a lot of these sorts of releases. I’m […]

Tracks of the week, April 29 2014

Men at Work: “High Wire”: Woke up with this one in my head once or twice this week. Not sure if I’ve ever seen the video before, must have at some point.   Guns n Roses: “Mama Kin”: Live at the Ritz in 1988. Latest song I’m working on in my guitar lessons.   Danko […]



Tracks of the week April 22 2014 1

Woke up Easter Sunday from a dream where I was on a tour of a shotgun range out in the woods somewhere and wondered why the place was overrun with rabbits. “Do you not do sporting clays here?” I asked. [Sporting clays is basically trap shooting meets golf, at certain stations they have “rabbits” which […]

Laser round 2, 4 weeks later

Been a couple weeks since my last tattoo removal update. Things happen slowly, after all, but in the last couple days I’ve noticed some new gaps in the outlines. Oldest tattoo: More erosion and small gaps in the outline. Smaller lines disappearing (eg., behind the knee on the left). And lots of peeling on the […]

Laser tattoo removal progress

Back from the guitar repair shop

Got the call yesterday that my ES-135 (Jeff) was now all better and ready for pickup from Rufus Guitar Shop, couldn’t get there yesterday so I popped by there today to get it. New frets are installed, and now it’s much easier to play, basically as easy on the action now as Keith or my […]



Tracks of the week April 15 2014

Tax day in Yankeeland. My condolences, guys. Try to remember today’s pain next time you go in to vote, eh? Anyway, here’s a few of the songs that have been banging around my brain and my iPod this week… Ramones: “I Wanna Be Sedated”:   New York Dolls: “Bad Girl”: Johnny Thunders with the big […]

I usually don’t post on politics as such, but in my blogskimming today I came across this: What a real rape culture looks like Absolutely spot on. I will say that I think it was hit and miss in Poland and Ukraine. Certainly there are many documented cases of mass rape in Poland. At the […]