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I’ve been too cautious about giving off my scent, I think too cautious about avoiding the Scene instead of throwing gasoline on its funeral fire they still think I’m one of them Silly me. Absence makes my heart grow colder but they don’t notice. silence is assent, correct? Say nothing again, walk, change my strings. […]



Tracks of the Week: May 27 2014

Blanked out last week. Or rather, it occurred to me to post this blog but I was in the middle of rehearsing for my set on Saturday and then it never popped back into my head. So… Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers: “It’s Not Enough”: Next song I’ll be working on for guitar. Simple but […]

All roads

All roads lead to them you say but the problem is they =/= you why don’t you just admit it live in it but I’m done with it this is my life: sleep to the south, noise to the north and in between guitars and the little bits I can still remember of my old […]



Show recap: May 24th at the Marine Pub 2

Alright, figured I’d post a little blurb about my opening set at the Marine Pub this past Saturday May 24 in Burnaby. Also on the bill: We Found a Lovebird and The Furniture. I had a 20 minute block and had originally going to be playing electric [probably my Gibson ES-135] with a drum machine, […]

Pop versus rock, vocal-style

So iTunes just threw out “Raw Power.” And while listening in bliss, something popped into my head, a fragment of a conversation with a producer a while back about my voice. He who shall remain unnamed is a electro pop guy. So, overprocessed, auto-tuned to Hell and back, all smooth and, in my opinion, inhuman. […]


My first open mic

So, decided tonight that with the set coming up on Saturday with We Found a Lovebird and The Furniture, and being that I haven’t been onstage since November, and being that the songs are pretty much ready but my nerves aren’t, I should duck over to make myself do a quick set at the open […]


Dear blowhards

Hey there, all you self-righteous pricks on Facebook loudly proclaiming that you’ll never buy any of that brand of guitars that I never heard of before tonight but apparently the guy who owns the company said something you didn’t like about gays or some such shit: Didja use his guitars before? No? Then it’s not […]



RIP Mickey

Came out of my jam space to use the washroom this afternoon and saw this guy sitting very still in the hallway: I’ve seen mice around here before, but never sitting still in the open. Particularly considering that usually they bolt if they see me. I actually thought he might be dead, but he did […]