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No, I don’t want to continue getting spam from you assholes.

Too funny: getting emails from spammers whose mailing lists I never signed up for and who have ignored my attempts to click their “unsubscribe” buttons (or for whatever reason they keep emailing me anyway) begging me to opt-in so I can “stay in touch” ie continue getting the spam I never asked for in the […]


Mind of maQLu Radio – June 29 2014 1

Mind of maQLu Radio – June 29 2014 by Maqlu on Mixcloud Playlist: Danko Jones – I Don’t Care (Rock and Roll Is Black and Blue) The Best Revenge – Harlot (Young Nihilists’ Gun Club) Sex Pistols – Bodies (Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols) Marilyn Manson – Little Horn (Antichrist Superstar) Beautiful […]


Mind of maQLu Radio – June 27 2014

Been having an idea off and on to do a secondary podcast, mix-only and incorporating some of the major label stuff I like [*cough*Guns N Roses*cough*Aerosmith*cough*Rolling Stones*cough*Buckcherry*cough*], which will actually make the blend weirder than what I can do with the Vampire’s Ball, and without needing to worry about the PC bullshit that sometimes comes […]


Ah, the things one overhears…

A: (blathering about his book on “mixed relationships”) blah blah blah, yeah, so there are more and more of these sorts of relationships today… B: um, you mean interracial relationships, right? A: (a little stunned at having to spell that out) Well, yes. And also intercultural ones, for example when someone who is very Westernized […]




20 odd years you’ve lived in my heart, my ears, rent-free in my head your voice, your pained or ecstatic howl echoes of a long-since dissolved favorite band favorite songs 15 years ago I went to look you up You’d vanished Gone with no trace into the junkhouses and shooting galleries in the East Gone […]

Tracks of the Week: June 24 2014

Spending some quality time watching lectures from the Nixon Library on YouTube. Saw the Dennis Prager roast, Ann Coulter talking about one of her books, Dinesh D’Souza and Andrew Breitbart as well. So, let’s start off this week’s favorite tracks with this: Love & Rockets: “An American Dream”:   Johnny Thunders: “Ask Me No Questions”: […]


Laser tattoo removal progress

Third zapping session

So, today was the day. First, I slathered on the Dr. Numb lidocaine goo and let it dry as I drove in to get zapped. It was supposed to reduce the pain about 25%. Now, it’s an odd thing. It seemed that it hurt just as much as before, but then I said to Ed […]

Laser tattoo removal progress

Tattoo removal update

Been a while since I posted any tattoo removal updates, might as well do so tonight as tomorrow I go in for my third laser removal session. Not looking forward to it, although I did grab a tube of Dr. Numb last time, which I hope will work to minimize the discomfort. I hear that […]

Solstice update

Shortly after my earlier solstice post, I got the urge to get off my ass go for a walk on the Seawall. Noticed lots of guys with cameras hanging around, but figured they were hanging around after the day’s races for the dragon boat festival, and it was still somewhat light out. However, on my […]




As an occultist, one supposes I ought to be doing something special or whatever for the Solstice today, but meh. Last couple days I’ve been running on 4 or 5 hours of sleep max, so today I set no alarm and slept in from 4am to 2:30pm. Then got up and did the grocery run […]