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Oh, HELLLLLLLL noooooo….

Spambot for some bullshit goth dating website is now following me on Twitter. Don’t bother kiddies, I’ve long since left goth behind, if I could have ever been said to be one in the first place. As I type this, iTune just switched from ZZ Top’s “Cheap Sunglasses” to Van Halen’s “Panama.” I am in […]

maQLu aka Pyra Draculea's jam space, showing Guns N Roses and Keith Richards posters


Venom and longing

Yes, we know, we know, we all know you hate him you hate all like him and we all must be constantly reminded of it And you scream and snark about things that do not concern you How dare Depp dump his ex? How dare any man? (maybe she was a bitch like you?) Get […]


Mind of maQLu Radio – July 15 2014

Mind of maQLu Radio – July 15, 2014 by Maqlu on Mixcloud Playlist: The Suicide Twins – Declaration (Silver Missiles & Nightingales) Love & Rockets – Judgement Day (Sweet F.A.) Johnny Thunders – Ask Me No Questions (So Alone) Kill City Kids – Who I Am (False Creep) Prima Donna – Sociopath (Bless This Mess) […]


No nips

So, something that dawned on me once or twice in recent months but never really got too focused on til today when I was stocking up on bras at the La Senza sale: when did almost all bras start being made out of thicker cups such that there is exactly zero chance of showing hard […]

Mind of maQLu Radio – July 12 2014

Mind of maQLu Radio – July 12 2014 by Maqlu on Mixcloud Playlist: Reverend Horton Heat – Hello Mrs. Darkness (Space Heater) Barron S – Cooler Than U (Mixtape) Izzy Stradlin – Trance Mission (Ride On) Crystal Pistol – Watch You Bleed (Crystal Pistol) Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones – Devil’s Rodeo (The Sporting […]




Stranger wants too much of me constant reaching for me demanding my hand saying “it’s just hands!” But when I let him hold mine he squeezes it to his chest and won’t let go And I came here alone but I’m leaving with another I am not this stranger’s to hold not even just hands […]

Mind of maQLu Radio – July 9 2014

Mind of maQLu Radio – July 9 2014 by Maqlu on Mixcloud Playlist: Marilyn Manson – Mister Superstar (Antichrist Superstar) L.A. Guns – Sleazy Come, Easy Go (Cocked & Loaded) Julien-K – Dystopian Girl (Death to Analog) Dead Voices – New Zero (Death to Analog) Pigface – Blow You Away [GTFAFM] (Easy Listening for Difficult […]



Tracks of the Week: July 8, 2014

The Cure: “Hot Hot Hot”: Because the summer weather has found its way to Vancouver.   Stevie Ray Vaughan: “Couldn’t Stand the Weather”:   Black Label Society: “Phoney Smiles & Fake Hellos”:   Frank Zappa: “Willie the Pimp”:   Billy Idol: “Wasteland”:   Louise Burns: “What Do You Wanna Do?”:   Big Rude Jake: “Neck […]