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Speaking ill of the dead

Ah yes, you simply must —must!— point out Thunders’ foibles. As if no one knew of his addictions… as if anyone would think that lyrical references to tracks weren’t literal. Or that the syringe in his hat was only for decoration like a feather As if it matters now… 23 years later. The discussion was […]


Under My Skin Podcast with Pyra Draculea

Under My Skin #3

Well, spent a good chunk of this week’s Under My Skin podcast blabbing about doing my cover of “14 Years” as posted here a few days ago, plus some other music and promotion comments before getting onto a different tack. So here it is: Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #3 by Pyra Draculea on Mixcloud […]

Mind of maQLu Radio – August 26 2014

Mind of maQLu Radio – August 26 2014 by Maqlu on Mixcloud Playlist: Devo – Big Mess (Greatest Hits) Ramones – We Want the Airwaves (RamonesMania) The Clash – This is Radio Clash (The Story of the Clash vol. 1) Merlin – The Chainsaw Flower Hymn (A Noise Supreme) Frank Zappa – Society Pages (You […]


Slash in Vancouver videos

I think I mentioned before that the dude I got my ticket off of for Slash’s show on August 15th was taking video to post on YouTube. Finally got around to finding it, so here it all is, probably out of order because I don’t remember exactly other than “Paradise City” was the encore. “Starlight”: […]

Slash, Myles Kennedy live at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam, BC, August 15 2014


When Sexy Pin-Up Shots Go Horribly Wrong:

[Or, maybe that wasn’t the point at all, as I figured out as I looked at it more…] This crossed my Facebook feed today: First impression: “OK, shirt off? Check. Fly open? Check. Guitar headstock suggestively placed? Check. OK, Johnny, now… Can you try to look sexy? It’s just that we’re looking for a different […]