Podcast links for the Vampire’s Ball, February 18/19 2015


Crystal Pistol – Line It Up (Crystal Pistol)
Dead On TV – Cocaine [Gofight Remix] (Fuck You, I’m Famous)
Danko Jones – Getting Into Drugs (Fire Music)
Die Mannequin – Caroline Mescaline + “Nobody’s Graveyard, But Everybody’s Skeleton” (Fino + Bleed)
Cobra Ramone – I’m a Mess (Bang Bang)
The Compulsions – Demon Love (Been Through Hell)
Foetus – Cirrhosis of the Heart (Flow)
Izzy Stradlin – Lot to Learn (On Down the Road)
Reverend Horton Heat – Hello Mrs. Darkness (Space Heater)
The Ramblin’ Ambassadors – Sixty Seconds to What? (Avanti)
The Outpatience – Smokin’ Dope and Sippin’ Tea (Anxious Disease)
Legs Occult – Loves Dark Sisters (Modern Man EP)
Killing Joke – Fresh Fever from the Skies (Absolute Dissent)
Hanzel und Gretyl – I’m Movin’ to Deutschland (Born to Be Heiled)
Junksista – Get a Grip (High Voltage Confessions)
Phil Western and Tim Hill – He Never Showed Up (Dark Features)
Kill City Kids – You Say What! (False Creep)
Prima Donna – Pretty Little Head (Nine Lives and Forty Fives)
∆AIMON – emptiness [DSX Remix] (Flatliner Remixes)
Sex with Strangers – Times Electric (Behaviours)
Mother Mother – Get Out the Way (Very Good Bad Thing)
ttwwrrss – Jungle (ttwwrrss_2)
Left Spine Down – Stolen Car (Caution)
Lita Ford – Can’t Catch Me (Lita)
Ministry – Thieves (The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste)
Pigface – Everything (Easy Listening For Difficult Fuckheads)
Virtual Terrorist – Collapse of VY Canis Majoris (Terrorized Trax vol. 2)
Plateau – Noorderlight (Music For Grass Bars)
Tiamat – Brighter Than The Sun (Skeleton Skeletron)
Rob Zombie – The Scorpion Sleeps (Educated Horses)
Tweaker – Nothing at All [Front Line Assembly Mix] (and then there’s nothing)
16volt – Fight Or Flight (Beating Dead Horses)
SKOLD – Angel of Noise (Anomie)
Animals as Leaders – Tooth and Claw (The Joy of Motion)
Beautiful Creatures – Kick Out (Beautiful Creatures)
Burn Hollywood Burn – Hammer On (Hustle King)
Aviator Shades – Ready to Blow (Ready to Blow)
Crashdiet – Chemical (Generation Wild)

Download or play direct from CiTR.ca: Podcast of the Vampire’s Ball for February 18/19, 2015

The Vampire’s Ball – February 18/19 2015 by Maqlu on Mixcloud

The Vampire’s Ball airs Wednesday nights from 1am to 4am PST on CiTR Radio [101.9 FM in Vancouver, citr.ca to listen live during the show, or subscribe on iTunes]. You can also grab podcasts from this page: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Citr–TheVampiresBall

“Eclectic audio alchemy; the soundtrack for your transmutation. Rock, electro, weird stuff, dark stuff, and whatever’s banging around in the mind of maQLu this week.”

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