Podcast links for the Vampire’s Ball, April 22/23 2015

Couple or three or four points here:

1. As stated a few times during the show, the Vampire’s Ball is ending at the end of this month, with the last show on Walpurgisnacht [April 30]. Ya wanna keep tabs on what I’m up to after that, check my website pyradraculea.com or my Twitter: twitter.com/pyradraculea, everything I do gets embedded at the first and link-whored at the second.

2. Couple weeks ago it was Izzy Stradlin’s birthday and I did a whole block of his solo shit on that week’s show. I do believe I said I’d give Johnny Thunders the same consideration on the anniversary of his death, which is today, and I followed through on that in this show. RIP Johnny.

3. No, there shall be no changing of my mind. Last show is next week. Not even Johnny’s ghost could convince me otherwise.


Boyd Rice – Preserve Thy Loneliness (The Way I Feel)
Duran Duran – Liberty (Liberty)
Black Label Society – Crazy or High (Hangover Music Vol. VI)
Big Rude Jake – Sliverman (Blue Pariah)
Pigmy Love Circus – Livin’ Like Shit (The Power of Beef)
Fake Shark Real Zombie – Puke Rawk (Meeting People Is Terrible)
Jane’s Addiction – Idiots Rule (Nothing’s Shocking)
Legs Occult – Modern Man (Modern Man)
L.A. Guns – One More Reason (L.A. Guns)
Danko Jones – Apology Accepted (Below the Belt)
IAMX – I Come With Knives (The Unified Field)
KMFDM – Mercy (Symbols)
Faderhead – Champagne & Real Pain (Atoms & Emptiness)
Left Spine Down – From Thirty To Zero (Caution)
Moev – Halt (Ventilation)
Newlydeads – Six Feet Deep (Dreams from a Dirt Nap)
Cobra Ramone – Cobras (Cobra Ramone)
Devo – Freedom of Choice (The Greatest Hits)
Dead on TV – Cocaine [Go Fight Mix] (Fuck You, I’m Famous)
Lard – Forkboy (The Last Temptation of Reid)
Copyright – Death of a Curbcrawler (The Hidden World)
Corvx de Timor – Night Terror (n/a, can be found on soundcloud.com/maQLu)
Kill City Kids – Who I Am (False Creep)
iVardensphere – Papa Legba (Fable)
Jakalope – I Wanna Die [Reborn Mix] (n/a, can be found on soundcloud.com/maQLu)
Virtual Terrorist – Thermonuclear Something Or Other [Maqlu Remix] (Fragments)
Stiff Valentine – Industrial Metal Disco (Industrial Metal Disco)
:wumpscut: – Kill That Little Fuck [Loss Remix] (Women and Satan First)
Tyranahorse – Alice (Garbage Bears)
Sid Vicious – My Way (Sid Sings!)
Smack – Criminal (On You)
The Scramblers – Shed My Skin (Good Gone Bad)
Shooting Gallery – Devil Callin’ [demo] (Demos 1991)
Prima Donna – Rock and Roll Is Dead (Nine Lives and Forty-Fives)
Andy McCoy – Heart of the Matter (Too Much Ain’t Enough)
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers – Born to Lose (L.A.M.F. – The Lost ’77 Mixes)
Johnny Thunders – Eve of Destruction (Hurt Me)
Johnny Thunders – Alone in a Crowd (Que Sera Sera)
Johnny Thunders – Ask Me No Questions (So Alone)
Johnny Thunders – Tell the Truth [Studio 1990] (Sticks & Stones – The Lost Album)
Johnny Thunders – Play with Fire (Have Faith)

Download or play direct from CiTR.ca: Podcast of the Vampire’s Ball for April 22/23, 2015

The Vampire’s Ball – April 22/23 2015 by Maqlu on Mixcloud

The Vampire’s Ball aired Wednesday nights from 1am to 4am PST on CiTR Radio [101.9 FM in Vancouver.

“Eclectic audio alchemy; the soundtrack for your transmutation. Rock, electro, weird stuff, dark stuff, and whatever’s banging around in the mind of maQLu this week.”

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