Mind of maQLu Radio – December 24, 2015

This is an aural stream of consciousness transmission, the soundtrack to your transmutation. Today’s magic word(s): Ad hominems a go go.

Mind of maQLu Radio – December 24, 2015 by Maqlu on Mixcloud


Foetus – Heuldoch #7B (Flow, 2001)
Faith No More – Greed (We Care a Lot, 1985)
The Compulsions – Shut Yer Hole [feat. Hubert Sumlin] (Beat the Devil, 2011)
Sex Pistols – Don’t Gimme No Lip Child (The Great Rock N Roll Swindle, 1979)
Boyd Rice – The End of the World [with David Tibet] (The Way I Feel, 2000)
Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar (Antichrist Superstar, 1996)
Men at Work – No Restrictions (Cargo, 1983)
Hanzel und Gretyl – I’m Movin’ to Deutschland (Born to Be Heiled, 2012)

New episodes will be uploaded to mixcloud.com/maqlu as they happen, and then posted here, on Facebook, on both of my Twitter accounts, and on my Tumblr.

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