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So, after much thought, and because I decided I would start doing a video version for YouTube in the New Year, I decided to bust the rock news segments out of my podcast Under My Skin and make them their own separate podcast.

That way, rock fans wanting to hear me make cunty comments about Vince Neil getting fat or Steven Adler saying retarded shit or Bret Michaels’ wig and hat collections don’t have to fast forward through 20 minutes of me blathering about how my week went and people who want to hear my personal whinings don’t have to have that interrupted by 20 minutes of me saying mean things about rock stars in the middle.

Everybody wins!


As for the differences between the video and the podcast versions of the new The Rock N Roll Blather Show, well, simple: I try to keep things short(ish) on YouTube, so will stick to just the facts and the punchlines on the video (great for my ADD fans!) and the podcast will have all that plus all the rambling tangents my listeners are used to and presumably love or else y’all wouldn’t still be listening to my yammering bullshit.

First video version will be on January 2nd, because Christmas and because lazy and because I’ve already written a couple great jokes about the final Mötley Crüe show that I want to use as a launching pad. It’ll go on my usual YouTube.

First podcast version will be this weekend, Boxing Day, because recording a podcast is lazier than a video, so I have fewer excuses, plus I have a crapload of stories from the last week that are too good to just ditch and I already decided this week’s Under My Skin won’t have the rock news sections (because I have other rants and it’s gonna weigh in at 45 minutes easy without it). Podcast version of The Rock N Roll Blather Show will be available on Soundcloud and Mixcloud as my other podcasts are, plus iTunes and eventually Stitcher (I will post updates once I have these URLs, hang tight… it’ll take a few days to a week). I’m building the website for the show in the next couple days, so like Under My Skin, it will also have its own website where you can download or stream episodes, plus embeds of it will get posted to, just like my other shows etc.

Updates for both on Saturdays.

There is also another rock-related video series I’m working on, but it might not start til February or whenever I acquire enough blackmail material to get my friends to agree to be seen on camera. Sigh… c’mon, people, I’m the one who’s gonna look like a lardass on camera, what’s the problem? Jeez…

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