New stuff brewing

Originally published on my other blog,

Been getting ideas more fleshed out for a music talk/comedy video series idea I’ve been plotting for a while.

To the point where I think I’m ready to shoot in January and am starting to ask friends about their interest.

Which means it was time to get my damn jam space – where I will shoot it – in order. Y’know, so it doesn’t look like a tornado tore through it and so my guests don’t trip and break something and sue me.

So, here it is after a concerted Friday night effort:





Bonus: the space in the middle is now clear for me to do some dance practising in there too.

Anyway, Saturday’s task was to narrow down segment ideas and whatnot. I won’t give too much of the concept away, but here are the final segment titles:



So, that’s that. So far.

More to come in January.

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