Tattoo cover-up #1, phase 2

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Following up from the last tattoo session, today was time for another chunk to be inked on.

Technically speaking, this one wasn’t actually a cover-up, but it shall be linked to the first hibiscus on this arm, which is.

And why two hibiscuses?

Well, on the left arm I have two tattoos to cover up, so that will be a couple flowers done swooping up from my bicep around the side towards my shoulder, so it makes sense to have a similar shape on the right arm so as to be balanced.

First, here’s a blurry pic of my arm with the stencil on and me lying on the table rather than going to take it in the bathroom where I could get a clearer shot in the mirror:


And here we are all lined and half-shaded at the first break, an hour into the session: IMG_4777

(Taken in the bathroom mirror so it looks a bit ass-backwards.)

And finally here we are all done after 3 hours (so, 25% faster than the last hibiscus, but apparently it’s a slower process when doing a cover-up):


Now, in case you’re wondering why they aren’t connected, that’s because we’re going to wait on the backgrounds until all the flowers are done and then decide on a background that’s the same for both arms.

Shawzy figures there’s room for another hibiscus below on the back of my arm, but I dunno. The point of this was 1. cover my embarrassing old tattoos and 2. do pretty things to fuel my vanity.

Since I’d only be able to see a third hibiscus either in a mirror or if I look over my shoulder when I do push-ups (which isn’t all that often), I’m not really seeing the benefit. Especially when there’s pain and money involved.

So, we’ll probably just leave it as a swoop between the two flowers and whatever background.

Anyhoo, next up: healing this one for a couple weeks, then starting the left arm cover-ups. First of those sessions is in mid-January, probably do just the one flower on the bicep (which will be passionflowers for that arm), do another flower in early February on the side of the left arm, then decide on a background treatment and do that in late February.

BTW: way less pain this time. Holy shit. I think the worst spots were maybe 70% as ouch-y as on the last hibiscus, and the last hibiscus was 30% bad whereas this one was maybe 10% bad. Which, if my math is right (and it might not be) works out to it being 2.1% the overall suckage of the first one.

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