The Rock N Roll Blather Show – December 26, 2015

The Rock N Roll Blather Show – December 26, 2015 by Pyra Draculea on Mixcloud

On this very first episode of The Rock N Roll Blather Show: Columbia House refuses to stay dead; Ukraine bans Fred Durst; Don Dokken dares defy the PC thought police; in a shocking twist, it turns out Scott Weiland didn’t die of ebola; there will be new Nine Inch Nails crap in 2016; Vince Neil sells his water wasting house, gets sued by investors, and looks forward to the upcoming Mötley Crüe biopic; and a web design change fuels the ongoing Guns N Roses reunion rumors.

Also: Pyra explains why she decided to spin the rock news portion of her other podcast, Under My Skin, off into its own show and Pyra sorta feels bad about calling Rikki Rockett fat.

Plus: some upcoming Vancouver rock shows.

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