Daily Archives: January 16, 2016

Tattoo cover-up #2, phase 1

Originally published on my other blog, blahblahblah.pyradraculea.com Following up from the first tattoo cover-up session and the last one, yesterday we moved on to the left arm, where the cover-up tattoos shift from hibiscus to passionflowers. As with the right arm, we started with the front of the bicep tattoo, because that’s the suckiest one […]


Rhododendrons for a Virgin

Rhododendrons for a Virgin by maQLu Originally released as part of the maQLu’s New Moon Madness podcast in May 2013, reposted to the Bandcamp as an actual release. Inspired by a vague childhood memory of some procession when I was in Catholic school.



The Rock N Roll Blather Show – January 16, 2016

This week’s stories: Metallica’s lawyers get “overzealous” against a tribute band; Nickelback vs. Lloyd’s of London; Lemmy’s funeral watched by over a quarter million folks online, including 2 of Motörhead’s guitarists; Guns N Roses’ Dizzy Reed plays with a GNR tribute band; Alan Niven says Izzy Stradlin’s still waiting to decide on playing Coachella with […]

Full Moon Mixtape

Full Moon Mixtape by maQLu For a little while in 2013, I had a monthly mixtape podcast. Each episode had a new original (or at least a demo), a new remix of one of my own songs, and a new noise/experimental piece, along with a cover and a remix of someone else’s track. These are […]