Album of the Week: Anxious Disease – The Outpatience

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So, this is West Arkeen’s project, West being a close friend with the Guns N Roses guys (he co-wrote a few GNR tracks, for example “It’s So Easy.” He also co-wrote Use Your Illusion I‘s “Bad Obsession,” co-written with Izzy).

West founded The Outpatience in the mid-90s and they released Anxious Disease in Japan in 1996. Before things could go too far, however, West died of an OD in mid-1997. The album was finally released in the US in 2004.

Anxious Disease features a bunch of tracks co-written with the GNR guys and featuring appearances by them, but despite that, my favorite two tracks on this one are the GNR-free ones “Inbred” and “Black Eye,” though I am (of course…) partial to the Izzy-featuring “Wound Up in a Vega” as well.

“Inbred” in particular has popped in my head a lot the last couple weeks as I try to distill down what kind of sound and energy I want to create for the next maQLu album.

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